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Health Centre Haunted House

Two students from Grade 7 wrote about their experience in the Health Centre Haunted House.

Hi I am Ty and I went to the haunted house. So when we got in the house it was kind of scary, it was dark and creepy with candles but then there was someone who stood still and I knew they were going to try and scare us and I was right. We kept walking and someone blocked the path and pointed into a room, so we walked in the room and there were two “surgeons operating” on someone who was screaming. They asked if I wanted to have surgery but I said no. Behind that, there was someone drinking red “tea” and she asked if we wanted tea. So I said yes but then she drank it and I felt sad and left. Later on, there was some guy who scared me but then he said “Hey Ty you look like Harry Potter”(because I was dressed as Harry Potter) and I wasn’t scared anymore, plus he ran off. So we were at the end and there were two rooms. One there was someone getting their organs eaten, but there was another room with a clown and I walked in the room and he gave me a balloon so I took it and walked out. I struggled to open the door but then Pennywise opened the door for me. One of my classmates punched the balloon and it flew away because it was a helium balloon. (Ty Babin - Grade 7)

Timiskaming First Nation Health & Wellness Centre where a Haunted House event was held Oct 2022

It was Halloween and the Gr.7/8 class walked to the Haunted House which was at the Health Center. Some of us were nervous and some were excited. We arrived there and lined up in groups of 4. As we were walking into the Haunted House we heard fog machines and saw creepy lighting. There were people in masks moving their heads which was frightening. There was an operation room that was bloody and realistic. In the next room there were dolls having a picnic or tea party which was creepy, I still don’t know which part was most horrifying. Anyway, the last part was the hallway which was full of people along the walls in skeleton masks and other scary masks. The final scare was Pennywise the clown! As we were walking out we realized it wasn't super scary but I was definitely nervous in the beginning! -Jayda McMartin (Grade 7)

“There was an operation room that was bloody and realistic."

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